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1. Models must complete the processing of their REGISTRATION within a period of 7 days.

2. Feedbacks are expected from models each time models go for castings, go-see and any other form of modelling appointments. Models should always give feedback to agency either via SMS, Phone call or any other fast means of communication.

3. When on a modelling appointment, models must conduct themselves respectfully and with poise. Our client should have no course to complain about any model as each model is a representative of the agency.

4. MODELS MUST ALWAYS KEEP TO TIME. Call time, is call time. Late coming is expensive. The agency may terminate model’s membership on this note.

5. Models should never feel disappointed when they are not shortlisted for a job. Every optimistic model has his/her appointed time. You are advised never to give up!.

6. Models are not allowed to negotiate any modelling job. Negotiation for any modelling job must be done by the agency on behalf of the model.

7. Models are not allowed to have any direct or indirect dealings with the agency’s client, without the approval of the agency or the agency’s management.

8. If model needs to get any information from any of our client(s), the model should ask the agency to do so on his/her behalf.

9. Models are not allowed to collect from clients, payment of jobs done. It is the sole responsibility of the agency to collect such payment and then pay model percentage due to him/her.

10. Models who need to make request of any kind from the agency, should do so in writing.

11. Models owing the agency, monetarily, should pay up at agreed time. Lateness to pay may attract interest.

12. Any arrangements made in other to hire a registered Pillars&Pride of Afrika model must officially seek the written approval of the management of PiIllars&Pride of Afrika. The model and the third party involved should please take note of this. You may contact us for more information.

NOTE:Breaking any of the above rules and policies may attract stiff penalties. Models are therefore advised to strictly adhered to the above rules and policies. If you have questions concerning the above Rules and Policies, kindly contact the management. The above rules and policies are subject to modification by the management.

Thank you.

Copyright © 2017 Pillars and Pride Of Afrika Model And Talent Management