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  • Spokes-Models
  • Catwalk models
  • Print / editorial
  • Fitness Models
  • Character model
  • Electronic media


  • Tradeshow Hostesses
  • Wardrobe for hostesses
  • Road show personnel
  • Product specialist
  • Chaperone
  • Product demonstrators


  • Promo girls
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Samplers
  • In-store demonstrators
  • Regional Managers
  • Marketing Team


  • Stunt dancers
  • Actors/ Actresses
  • voice over
  • Make-up Artist
Not only do we know what it takes, and how to do it, we also love what we do and we're good at it!

What We Provide

MODEL: We can provide professional male and female models and actors of all ages for conventions, print, commercials and FASHION shows.
SPOKES-MODEL: A Spokes-model will deliver a scripted message about your product/service to attendees. This person is also sometimes referred to as a narrator. They are very fast on their feet and can work from a detailed script and/or ad-lib as necessary.
BRAND AMBASSADORS: If you're looking for attractive brand ambassadors to represent your brand, Pillars&Pride can help. We can provide professional, promotional reps to help create a buzz around your brand nationwide. Let our brand ambassadors be your brand's public face, creating a positive and memorable impression.
HOSTESS: A hostess will greet attendees, scan/collect cards, distribute your literature, take guest to their seats and introduce your staff.
CHAPERONE: Male or female who supervises a person or group of persons in a social gathering. We provide talents who are well equipped with these skills.
PRODUCT SPECIALIST: A product specialist is very gifted at learning how your products or services work and often takes on the role of a salesperson for your company. While a demonstrator is hired mostly to show how your product works, a product specialist describes your product in an attempt to motivate the attendee to buy it.
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