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♦Who does Pillars&Pride of Afrika model and talent management represent?

Pillars&Pride of  Afrika modeling agency represents aspiring models and talents who wish to be established.

♦What sort of modeling work does Pillars&Pride of Afrika do?

Pillars&Pride of Afrika offers commercial to catalogue modeling, as well as catwalk, fashion, TV/film promotion and photographic shoots, locally and nationally. There are a variety of different industries we provide models for including promotional, child and plus-size making us very diverse.

♦What sort of models do Pillars&Pride of Afrika accept?

we take applications from women, men and children both nationally and internationally, who don’t want their modeling dreams to die.

♦How can I apply?

YourREGISTRATION is free if you are applying for silver membership while Gold membership is for a fee of N20,000 with free photo-session and online portfolio. You can pick up your application forms at our designated outlets. Application forms are also available online and may be printed out, filled and submitted in any of our designated outlets.

♦What is the application process for joining Pillars&Pride of Afrika?

The application process for joining Pillars&Pride of Afrika is really simple. Once you have registered with us, we’d place your profile on our websites for free (Gold members only). This would easily allow clients to book you down for jobs. Your photo-session would enable us to create your composite cards. Once your composite cards are created, we can start promoting you to our clients.

Does it cost anything to apply?

No. It doesn't cost anything to apply if you are a silver member but for Gold membership it costs N20,000. However, there may be charges for the printing of the composite cards. If you are still unsure about cost or any other enquires please don't hesitate to contact us.

What happens to the information I give you?

Your information is stored in a database so that we can check your details against those that clients specify in their assignments. We do not share your data with anybody if you don’t want us to, and if you wish to be removed from the database then we will do so for you. If you have any queries regarding your data, then please contact us through our email or you call us.

What if another agency needs to hire a model from Pillars&Pride of Afrika modeling agency?

Any arrangements made in other to hire a registered Pillars&Pride of Afrika model must officially seek the written approval of the management of PiIllars&Pride of Afrika. The model and the third party involved should please take note of this. You may contact us for more information.

Do I pay for photo shoots?

NO! you don’t need to pay for photo shoots if you are a gold member. However, all pictures taken by the agency is the agency’s property.

Do you recommend photographers or do I have to find my own?

We do recommend professional photographers who we regularly work with and consistently take high-quality photos. We can also arrange for a hair and makeup artist to be available on the day of the photo shoot if you require.

How much can I expect to earn as a model?

This all depends on the type of work, and of course how determined you are.  Everyone has to start somewhere. If it's exciting, glamorous or you are becoming mildly famous we can negotiate a more substantial payment. The entire process depends on you showing the level of commitment and professionalism required in each assignment to push yourself into higher earnings with each task you take.

♦How long does it usually take before I find work?

The time it usually takes to find work depends on the demand we are receiving from clients. It could take a couple of days if a client sees your photos and immediately likes you or it could take a few weeks.

Can you guarantee that I will get a job? 

It is the client who makes the final decision whether or not the model is booked, so we cannot guarantee you will get work. However, our business is based around earning commission from the assignments you undertake so it is in our best interests to find you work.

Can I turn work down?

Once a client has chosen you, we will make contact to agree a day, time, date, location and fee; you always have the choice to say no if you are busy or unavailable. We know that modeling may just be a part time hobby and you could have other full time commitments such as work or family so if an assignment is inconvenient, simply tell us. We could also try to rearrange it for you.

What if I don't live in the same area as the modeling job?

An additional fee for travel could be agreed upon as part of the discussion before the assignment, where the distance is over 20 miles. We must stress that the issue of travel fees must be discussed before any assignment is agreed.

What if I don’t live in the same city as your agency?

That's ok. Our models live all over the world. That is the nature of our business. Our models travel constantly and we are used to working under these conditions.

 Could modeling be a full time job?

Modeling today is very competitive and work can be irregular so most of our models have 'normal' day jobs to support themselves, However with enough commitment there is no reason why modeling could not become your career.

I have just completed an assignment, whom do I speak to?

Once you have completed an assignment, contact the person (your agent) who gave you the assignment. They will be eager to hear from you.

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