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JORDAN’s STORY by (Jordan Sales)

JORDAN’s STORY by (Jordan Sales)
Apr 06 0 Comments

DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A MODEL? Is it your dream to model in different countries across the world? If so, This is for you. 

Lets get this straight... YOU CAN BECOME A MODEL!!!

There is a common misconception about the modeling business...

The misconception being... "You must be super skinny, super tall and super sexy to become a model".


And it is especially not true, Right Now!!!

If you look at hundreds of different TV commercials, magazine ads, billboards... you will see that every different look is being used in advertising.

The truth is, that advertisers need to target every different group of people in our society! And you are a part of our vast society as well!!, There are people that like the same things as you and that think, dress and look similar to you too! These are who you will market the best to!

And especially now a days the variety in models is huge... There is a huge demand for NORMAL AVERAGE LOOKING PEOPLE.

Just the other day, I was informed of a casting for a glasses commercial. The client specifically stated that the model must wear glasses in real life and that they needed to be... JUST AVERAGE LOOKING!

And of course there is always work for people who are naturally... sexy.

*Note: Sexy is not so much a look, as it is a personality!

Becoming a model is really easier than you think.



All of the money, fame and the success are the results of these personality traits. These traits are shared by all of the greatest people in history.

And you can have these traits as well!

When a person has all of these traits they become... Unstoppable!

Their personal energy becomes so attractive that everyone becomes magnetized to them. They become "Irresistibly Attractive".

They have the personality traits that every human desires. Every human has the desire to let go, be themselves and feel 100% Confident... And we are attracted to those who demonstrate this.

By being in their presence or seeing them in magazines or on TV, we get to feel what they are feeling. We get to feel their confidence, joy and fearlessness.

We literally feed off of their energy.

We will listen to a song over and over again, simply because of how it makes us feel. And we will look at a magazine ad over and over and over again, for the same reason. We get energized.

What you are really doing is connecting with the model in the picture or the artist singing the song. You are getting to feel how they feel.

It is all about how music, pictures and so on, make us feel.

And that is exactly what modeling is about.

To be a model, YOU need to be the one with the pure confidence and fearlessness.

YOU need to have more confidence than the agents and clients you meet. They need to want YOU, because of how YOU make them feel.

If your energy does not make them feel better than they already feel, then why would they want you? You would be making them feel worse than they feel already. You would be an energy drainer instead of an energizer.

Think about people you know, that you just can't stand to be around. Why do you think that is?

It is because of how they make you feel. They do not make you feel good. They "drain" your energy.

We all want to be surrounded by people that lift us up. That energize us!

And that is the secret to you becoming a model.

When you can energize everyone you meet, you are on the quick and easy path to becoming famous world wide!

But, it doesn't have to be this way for you.

Very few people know what you have just learnt about energy.

A person that is educated about these things can live a life of pure adventure. Nothing is impossible to them.

That is why 99% of aspiring models don't make it... The Mental aspect kills them!



If a girl is shorter than 5'9 that's ok! There is still a place for her! There are female models under 5'9 that get booked all the time! And of course, a girl that is over 5'9 can do great as well!

The same applies for male models! Once you understand how the modeling business actually works, you will know what markets and agencies to place yourself with.

There are unlimited opportunities available to every different type of look, age, race, height and weight!

Well, lets go outside of your normal mode of thinking. Think outside the box.

Think about the models, actors and other celebrities you look up to and aspire to be like.

Why do you think these people are role models to you and many others?

What do they all have in common?

What all successful people have in common is that they are all Extremely Confident. They are all Extremely Charismatic. And none of them are afraid to be themselves.

They are everything that everyone in society wants to be. And that is why they are successful!

And that is what you need to focus on first, in order for you to become successful as well.


It is the secret to everything.

Inside our How to become a model course, we focus 50% on the mind and 50% on the basic knowledge of the modeling business.

There is a lot to know about the modeling business itself and how it operates. This knowledge makes it much easier to get to where you need to go. We teach you the shortcuts and proper ways to do things to become a model, without getting used or scammed.

Once you have combined your new knowledge of the modeling industry with your new understanding of the mechanics of your mind, you will be ready to take on the world!

Through your new understanding, you will free your mind of fear and will become just as confident as the models you aspire to be like.

When that happens you will be well on your way to becoming a model.

So the first thing you must do is:

- Understand that modeling (Anything actually) all starts in your mind.

The way you think... is what makes the difference between becoming successful and not becoming successful!

What I did to become a model

I was born in a small town in Alberta, Canada.

I have worked as a model, photographer and as a model developer in the USA, Canada and Europe.

I started out as a cocky, unfocused, young man with dreams of becoming a model. Tired of the 9-5 life!

The first model search I went to hosted 30 of the top modeling agencies from around the world (with 3000 other hopeful models in attendance).

At the time I was under the illusion that to become a model, I just had to be good looking.

"Every modeling agency will be begging me to sign with them", I thought.

And boy was I wrong! It was more like ZERO modeling agencies wanted me to sign with them! I went there cocky and left broken!

Although I was embarrassed, I refused to give up! I realized that maybe there was a thing or two I didn't know about becoming a model and could learn regards to "How to become a model".

I decided that if others have become models, then I can learn how to become one too!

Next, I contacted any model agents and scouts that would listen to me. I asked them what it takes to become a model and what they look for when signing a model.

"How do I become a model?" "What are the modeling secrets?" "Can you teach me how to become a model", I asked?

I asked professional models how they made it and asked them for any modeling tips and secrets they could give me.

I quickly learned that it was personality I was lacking. Sure, I could be the class clown in school and with my friends, when I didn't care. It was when I decided to care to much, that I became consumed with fear.

So, I read every self-help book, nutrition book and exercise book I could get my hands on and learned every modeling secret and tip there is!

I increased my confidence and irresistibility... dropped huge amounts of fear out of my life... set realistic goals for myself and then practiced everything thing else I was told to improve on, in order to become a model.

I studied and improved on what I was told and more. I applied it all until I knew that I was ready to try this whole modeling dream again!

I felt completely unstoppable! And I was!

So, one year later, I decided to go back to the same model search, which I had been rejected at before. This time I was prepared... I was finally ready to become a model!. The funny thing was that I looked exactly the same as the previous year, but was treated totally different.

On the day of "Meet the modeling agents" I was focused, confident, fearless and energetic.

When I met each agent I brought a totally different attitude.

This time they loved me!

I received plenty of callbacks and was greeted so excitedly by some of the best modeling agencies in the world! All my hard work was finally about to pay off!

Every day for the next two weeks my phone rang constantly. Different modeling agencies trying to convince me to sign with them! "Model with us", "No model with us". It was CRAZY!

Since then, I have been blessed with the opportunity of traveling to multiple countries... doing FASHION shows and being in magazines.

It's hard work, but it is hardly considered work to me. I now live my dreams and enjoy my job... YOU CAN TOO!

Now, stop and remember where I started...

I had been rejected by every modeling agency. I thought modeling was all about looks. And if that were true, I would have become a model the previous year!

I looked the same as I had the first time they saw me, but was a different person the second time. And it worked!

So what changed? It was my way of thinking that changed! Nothing more. You must change the way you think if you really want to become a model.

Is this all beginning to make sense now?

"The way you think determines what you get out of life. If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will."

"People will only have as much confidence in you... as you have in yourself."

By learning how to reprogram your way of thinking, you can become successful at anything. And that is EXACTLY what we want to teach you!. Now it's your turn to learn how to become a model!

From hearing my story I hope you have been inspired and assured that "where there's a will, there's a way".

If you believe you can become a model and are willing to work for what you believe in, YOU CAN become a model too!

Are you ready to turn you modeling dreams into reality?

I GUARANTEE that if you follow our 14 step plan to become a model, learning and actually applying the exercises we have written out, you will be able to do anything you desire.

Even if you decide you don't want to become a model, the information offered, guarantees success... not only in modeling, but in anything!

Drop Your thoughts below.

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