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We bring to reality the dreams of aspiring models. You don’t have to be extra-skinny, extra-tall or super sexy…perhaps there’s really no criteria for “an ideal model” because there’s a place just for you and you alone in the modeling world. We encourage aspiring models and talents of all age groups—baby-model, child-model, teenage-model and adult-model. Truth is, the advertising/fashion world needs you.

Pillars&Pride of Afrika Model and Talent management represents models, actors, hostesses, children, for print work, conventions/tradeshows, local, regional and national commercials, television, film, runway, music videos, special events, and worldwide placements. We represent artists for make-up, photography, music, dance and can provide talent nationwide. Our staffs are well experienced in the business of scouting, developing, and booking talent. Let us audition and book talents for your next event.

"Pillars&Pride of Afrika model and talent management has developed a core of professional standards that we consider essential -- essential to meeting and surpassing your needs and expectations - and essential to building strong relationships with our talents and clients"


A modeling agency from the heart of Africa that is the standard for, and pride to all.


To bring out the best in each model in other to produce and to be the best.


Raising intelligent models who would positively standout in every way.

Meet Us

Pillars&Pride of Afrika model and talent management is built by a leadership team with many years of experience in modeling, marketing, promotions and fashion works. Our understanding of your business, as well as ours, is one of the many factors that allow us to lead in every market we serve.

What makes us stand out

As an agency we have the expertise and motivation to develop a carefully selected and constantly monitored roster in markets. We do not send our talents to jobs without evaluating them. By contrast, every person we provide is known to us, has successfully completed our selection process, training and is constantly evaluated.

Why you should choose us

Whether you're staffing a Trade Show, Sporting Event, magazine, Ad photo shoot or cooperate events, you have limited time & resources to accomplish your goals. You've chosen to hire staff from an agency to help make it happen, at a very competitive cost, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best and not on what we do best. From complete event execution to professional staffing, we are the service of choice in every market we operate.

Our Goal

Providing our clients with the highest level of service and maintaining strong client relationships.

Our Service

Prompt, Professional and Pleasant.

Our Commitment

Finding, qualifying and training new faces and fresh talent.

Our Range

A diverse selection of age, type, talent and skill.

Our Speciality

Sending you the best in the business.

Our Recent Models



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